ESP Hiring Assessment

Emergenetics Selection Program

ESP reveals a candidate’s job motivation and aptitude so you can determine if there is a match in job compatibility and performance.

People are the foundation of a business. In order to create a strong foundation, it is imperative to articulate who you want these people to be. The Emergenetics® Selection Program (ESP) helps effectively capture your company’s selection needs by properly defining roles, expectations, motivations, and the desired skill level of candidates. Using an integrative selection process, ESP will help empower you to define your needs, assess your candidates, and select those best suited to help build the foundation of your business.

The ESP Process


Define Job expectations and identify the fundamental motivators and skills needed for each unique position.

Accurately measure each candidate’s job fit and performance.

Empower YOU to make a better-informed hiring descision.

ESP Assessment

The ESP Assesment provides customized feedback on all of your candidates. Using a simple, color-coded approach, the easy-to-read 1-page format helps you to quickly identify those candidates that best align with your position.


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indicate attitudes, preferences, and motivations, highlighting how a candidate will work or act in a job setting. Alignment of motivators is crucial in determining best fit for the position as well as for company culture.

assess concrete skill-level in a number of areas. They determine that the candidate has the right skills for the position, but alignment with desired skill levels also ensures that a potential new hire will be neither too challenged nor too bored in the position.

indicates the level of importance an applicant places on work, job goals, and work ethic. A person with high “Work Primacy” is willing to work overtime, work weekends, and make sacrifices for the job. Because these items are “transparent”, we expect applicants to score high.

Behavioral Interview

Unique candidate results provide a foundation for the Behavioral Interview. While understanding a candidate’s past performance is relevant, asking pointed questions aimed at your desired results yields a more accurate indication of a candidate’s future performance. The clear identification of areas of good fit as well as those of discrepancy can serve as a guide for specific questions to ask to help you select the best candidate for the position.

Why is smarter selection important?

  • Reduced Turnover
  • More productivity, more quickly
  • Decrease in costs and training time
  • Better quality of work

How we can help:

  • It’s a partnership – our experts work with you to identify specific position requirements.
  • Assessment scores are customized to the company’s unique positions
  • ESP enables you to weed out potential bad hires
  • Results are straighforward and accurate, provided in an easy-to-read, 1-page format

ESP Certification – What you get

  • An in-depth understanding of ESP Motivators and Aptitues, and how they integrate into the hiring process.
  • Familiarity with the research behind the ESP psychomentric instrument
  • The language and the vocabulary to present ESP concepts, to explain and debrief the ESP assesment, and deliver follow-up implementation of targeted Behavioral Interviewing and Onboarding techniques
  • And more..
ESP will help you to define your needs, assess your candidates, and select those best suited to help build the foundation of your company.

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