egbrain NeuroInsights System

According to The Advertised Mind, neuromarketing takes consumer insight to a new level, due to the fact it is getting to the root of why people make decisions. ” Our unconscious mind — not our conscious mind — drives how we respond to ads, brands and products and, ultimately, drives all our buying decisions. Customers don’t really know why they buy what they buy, which is why traditional market research falls short.”

Emergenetics takes market research to a new level by creating clear linkages between consumer behavior, responses and decisions with the scientifically proven Emergenetics Thinking and Behavioral preferences. No matter what insights you want to know about your customers, our neuromarketing focus provides scientific correlations between their impressions of the information you want to know and the way they think and behave.

Right now, Emergenetics International’s neuromarketing focus is being provided through an innovative enterprise software system called egbrain™. Two years in the making, the Emergenetics Branding and Insights Platform (egbrain™) is a new product by the Emergenetics group of companies, that blends NeuroInsights with the flexibility of focus-group online surveys” all clearly and instantaneously delivered via the web.

We know that every project is different. That’s why every egbrain™ project is handled by trained consultants who will take a consultative approach to understand your needs, customize a solution, and deliver on results to ensure that your requests are fulfilled with clear and profitable outcomes.

The process is simple, we gather unique data on your customers and clients, combine it with distinct Emergenetics Profile information and provide correlation data, analysis and reports that translate into brain-based insights that bring a new level of information and knowledge. There is no other product on the market that takes this extensive approach to understanding your audiences.

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